Left Handed Instructions ~ How to Use the KelliDream Magic Circle Tool

(Watch Left-Handed Instructional Video Here)



Step 1. Set the magic circle tool upright with the groove facing you.


Step 2. Press the end of the yarn into the top slit.



Step 3. Turn sideways and wrap the yarn around the tool.



Step 4. Wrap it again and then cross over the first wrap and hold down gently with your pointer finger.



Step 5. Take hook and point downwards. Slide under the first loop and grab the second.



Step 6. Pull through and make a loop by twisting it onto the hook.




Step 7. Reach back over the loop and yarn over with the yarn that is held by your index finger.



Step 8. Pull through the loop.



Step 9. Grab the working yarn and pull tight.


Step 10. Put your left index finger on the yarn on the hook to hold it in place as you insert it under the loop into the groove.



Step 11. Yarn over and pull through.




Step 12. Yarn over with the working yarn and pull it through the two loops on the hook.



13. Repeat to make the amount of stitches that your pattern recommends. (Note - You don't have to use the groove as the yarn becomes more loose, but you may if you prefer.)



14. When you have the correct amount of stitches, pull on the loop on your hook to extend it a bit to keep it from unraveling.



Step 15. Set the magic circle tool down and find your first "V" stitch. Put a stitch marker into the stitch. (If you would like, put a second or third marker in the next stitches.)



Step 16. Take your magic circle round off of the tool by grabbing the last stitch and loop and gently wiggling the whole round free.



Step 17. To tighten your circle, hold the same last stitch & loop and pull the end yarn until the circle closes.



CONGRATULATIONS! Your magic circle/magic loop/magic ring is ready for your next round! You'll start with the first stitch with a marker in it.